From the Head of School

The Emerald Heights Family welcomes you all to experience the Indian culture, an amalgamation of different communities and religions. The highlights of the conference will be community service, inspirational speakers, historical visits and activities.

The conference will be arranged in four discreet units to ensure a ‘family feel’ with the all the benefits of a large conference. The idea is to have four mini conferences within one large conference. The RSIC2019 will have world renowned speakers, barazzas and rikkas and will help bridge individual and cultural differences. During the course of the conference we will provide a platform, where problems faced globally can be discussed and solutions achieved. We will make a sincere attempt to create an atmosphere to bring together all young delegates with an unwavering faith in the welfare for all. The conference will feature sessions to understand and implement the Round Square Discovery Frame work which is in line with RS ideals.

The program will also create a community service experience for all delegates. Visit to the city of Mandu which has great historical significance in India, has also been planned. Every evening there will be gala theme dinner depicting the different states of India with a local market set up and cuisine specific to that area will be served with the local cultural performances.

The conference will provide a host family experience in the city of Indore two days prior to the conference, so that the delegates can enjoy Indian hospitality and food in a homely atmosphere. This would be optional.

I look forward for you all to come and experience the diverse and unique culture and cuisine of India, during the week when the world celebrates the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

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